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Kaithi According to IMDb “A drug bust, an injured cop and a convicted criminal who wants to meet his daughter for the first time in life, what happens when they all cross their path is the story of this emotional action flick”.

Overview of Movie Kaithi (2019)

According to “Timesofindia.indiatimes” it begins with a superbly economical setup. A team of cops, headed by Bejoy (Narain), has confiscated a record amount of cocaine, which is hidden in a secret cell under the commissioner’s office.

The drug mafia manages to put almost every police officer in the place under sedation by spiking their drinks. The injured Bejoy has to enlist Dilli, a life-term prisoner who has just stepped out of jail on parole and is hoping to finally meet the daughter he has never seen, to save the situation more.

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Movie Info: what news18 Says about Kaithi (2019).

Kaithi plays at multiple levels. Karthi’s Dilli is a murder convict out on parole to meet his 10-year-old daughter whom he has never seen. His wife is dead, and Kanagaraj keeps us at the edge of our seats till the very end. Will the father meet the daughter at all more?

Genre: Action, Thriller
Directed By:
Lokesh Kanagaraj
In Theaters:
24 October 2019

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What the first post Says about the movies

Even though the box-office juggernaut in Bigil had taken up the majority of the attention and screens during the pre-Diwali phase in Kollywood, another film in Kaithi was garnering its own excitement among cinephiles.

The buzz for the Karthi-starrer did move onto the next level when the film’s producer SR Prabhu announced that he would be taking Bigil head-on for 25 October release.


Sify with a view says

By “Sify” The gangsters smartly add drugs to the alcohol bottles at a police officer’s house party and almost all the senior officers in the city are sedated and unconscious. Anbu wants to take control of the Commissioner’s office where Adaikalam and the Cocaine are kept in a secret vault.

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